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Is stress your new normal?
It doesn’t need to be.

How often do we hear a friend or colleague – or ourselves – exclaim they are stressed? These days everybody seems stressed.  And worse, it is becoming widely accepted that stress is just part of life.  But should it be?  And are you happy to accept feeling stressed as part of your normal life?  You […]

Change your lens, change your life

Can you recall a time when you faced a situation that felt simply overwhelming, unfamiliar and uncertain? With simply no way forward, or around it? As humans, our brains have set neural pathways of thinking, feeling and behaving so we often approach a situation or problem from a single and often biased perspective.

Unlocking the power of brain-based results coaching

What is brain-based results coaching? Thanks to the exciting field of neuroscience, or the study of the brain and the rest of the nervous system, we know more than ever about how the human brain works. Brain-based results coaching draws on this knowledge and helps build more effective strategies to help individuals and organisations make […]

Success through Strengths

As a Mind Focus Coach I’m often approached by organisations and businesses that recognize the importance of supporting their leaders and their people, but aren’t sure of the best tool or tools to use; or simply don’t know where to start. In an organizational context, I typically start with understanding ‘what you’ve got’. Your people […]